Let Us Show You – Why this is the most affordable way to go Paperless

SCAN2US reduces costs while providing secure Off-site interactive storage of your documents and files.  SCAN2US uses internet browser technology to provide a document storage solution at an affordable price by reducing 95% of the upfront equipment and software costs.  With a scanner and your PC connected to the internet, you can store all your scanned documents and all your computer generated documents on a secure Off-site server available to you 24/7, anywhere you go. 

Discover how easy it is to master SCAN2US with our 30 day free trial.

Here's how It Works

  • Connect your Scanner to your PC and load the software.
  • Start the remote scan station and connect via the Internet to your account at Scan2Us.
  • Select the proper file room.
  • Name your document and select or create the folder you want to scan into.
  • Scan. save, and upload your documents.
  • Scan2Us receives the documents, indexes them and stores them with full security protection for you to view, download or email from any Scan2Us viewer.
  • Each File Room secures access and functionality.
  • When you need a document you can search by:
    • Folder Name
    • Document Name
    • One of 10 index description fields assigned to each document
    • or by a group of document fields
  • Once the document is located, click it and display it with thumbnails. View it, print it, or e-mail it. Addition viewing tools allow you to flip, magnify, or share the document. Audit logs are maintained to provide the required detail statistics; the "who's, what's and when's" that are associated with specific retrievals.
  • For "off-site back-up" purposes, File Rooms can be copied and delivered to you in a variety of formats.
  • You can operate your business in a single "File Room" with multiple file drawers and files, or you can segment your business into multiple "File Rooms" with multiple file drawers and files.
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Benefits of SCAN2US Services

  • No up-front capital investment for computer servers, software and MIS expertise.
  • Rapid implementation of a customized imaging archive solution.
  • Lower overall costs compared to ownership and management of an server based in-house document management system.
  • Expaned and Immediate 24/7 access to information via the Internet.
  • Improved customer service through speedier access to vital information
  • Measurable clerical savings across the board. More>
  • Reduction of “Filing” errors - misfiles and lost files.
  • Reduced copying expense and time.  Once scanned a document can be copied or emailed with a click of the mouse. Multiple viewing stations can access the same document at the same time.
  • Permanent copies can be made of emails, faxes, word documents and converted to images and stored in an off-site File Room.  Documents can be legally validated as to date and time.
  • "Optional software" that allows you to store your files "off-site" on our SWC with a copy, "on-site" at your place of business.
  • Disaster Recovery, reduces or elminates the losses caused by natural disasters, fire or theft.
  • Less expensive and more convenient than off-site paper storage companies. More>
  • Meets existing government storage standards. More>
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SCAN2US Prices

Initial Startup Costs Remote Scanning Software $495
  • Training Videos Included
  • E-Support Included
  • User Blog Included
  • Realtime Desktop Backup Included
  • Index Templates Included
  • User Security Included.
  • Single User Print2Us module included ($85/station)
Monthly Fees
  • Initial File Room - $100 per month
    1. (25 pages/day)
  • Additional File Rooms - $25 per month
Processing Fees
  • Additional pages at 4.5 ¢/ page
    1. ($4.50/100 pages)
Optional Fees
  • Personal Trainer $60/hr via Internet (Included first 90 days)
  • Additional Scan Stations (software) $495/station (Includes Print2Us)
  • Additional Print2Us Stations (stand-alone software) $85/station

(Larger than 5 user Corporate Bulk pricing available by contacting the operations office at 1-305-267-4888
Inhouse server based systems available.)
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Monthly Cost Examples

  • A Small business with a single "File Room" and scanning an average of 50 pages per day (about one full five-drawer filing cabinet a year), would spend $100 per month..
  • A Medium business with a single "File Room" and scanning an average of 200 pages per day (80,000 pages or four full five-drawer file cabinets per year), would spend $175.00 per month.
  • Med-Large business with two "File Rooms" and scanning an average of 500 pages per day (180,000 pages or 7 full five-drawer file cabinets per year), would spend $250.00 per month
  • Large business with three "File Rooms" and scanning an average of 1250 pages per day (360,000 pages or 15 full five-drawer file cabinets per year), would spend $500.00 per month

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Recommended Scanners

Fujitsu fi5120C- Color Duplex Scanner
recommended for moderate to heavy uses
150-225 Pages/Day
(3500 Pages/Month)
Fujitsu fi-5120C Sheet-Fed Desktop Scanner
  • True, 600-dpi optical resolution with dual-CCDs capture minute details
  • 50-page automatic document feeder with double-feed detection
  • Fast, 15 ppm (simplex) / 30 ipm (duplex) scanning in monochrome and color
  • Includes high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and Adobe® Acrobat® Standard and ScandAll Pro
  • Reduce downtime with Fujitsu serviceand support.
Fujitsu fi6130- Color Duplex Scanner
recommended for most heavy uses
200+ Pages/Day
(4000+ Pages/Month)
Fujitsu fi-6130 Scanner Sheet-Fed Desktop Scanner
  • Fast, 40ppm / 80ipm scanning in monochrome and grayscale on the Fujitsu fi-6130
  • Exceptional 300 dpi color scanning at 30ppm / 60ipm with the fi-6130 scanner
  • Advanced paper handling technology for the ultimate in feeding reliability
  • Robust 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) with enhanced hard embossed card scanning on the Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner
  • Comes with Kofax VRS® Professional, Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, and ScandAll Pro

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Recommended Workstation

HP Business Workstation
$799 - $1,350
plus freight

Hp Business Desktop dx7500
  • Core 2 Duo E8400/3GHz, Ram 2GB, W/R DVD, 160 GB HDD, Dynamic Video Memory, Gigabit Ethernet, Windows 7.
  • HP w173 LCD, Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and all cables.
  • Scan2Us, Print2Us and Viewer Software loaded with Scanner Drivers. (software license fee additional)
  • Three (3) year Manufacturers Business Depot Warranty, Included.
  • Bundled with Fujitsu fi6130- Color Duplex Scanner described above - add $995.

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Additional Information

A backup for each image scanned to your online Cloud Based file room is saved on your local PC in the Scan2Us backup folder. You can save these files with Carbonite or Burn a CD for off-site redundant storage..

No long term commitments, current account contracts maybe terminated anytime, at the end of the month, with 15 days notice.

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SCAN2US History

Since 1996, our parent company, Solomon Institute Corporation, the developer of the software, has been improving the Computer Filing Cabinet® software solution, which began as a complete turnkey in-house server based document management system and morst recently has morphed into Scan2Us, our remote Internet system.  On-site turnkey systems range in cost from $3k to $70k+ with monthly leases from $250 to $1,500,  Scan2Us is designed to bring all the advantages previously available only to large companies, within the reach of small to medium sized companies. There are many applicatons that require an in-house server-based system but most businesses can use SCAN2US with the same great features and same great savings in time and treasure.

For information about our Turnkey In-House Server based system, go to

The "Good News" is, you can migrate from SCAN2US, our inexpensive remote solution to our customer-based on-site CFC server system any time your needs change.