DIY (Do it Yourself)- Using our training videos, we walk each user through the process of:

  • Scanner Training
  • Print2Us Training
  • Viewer Training
  • Security Training
  • Folder Structure & Index Training
  • Scan2Us Marketing Brochure
  • Using these training aides, DIY users are able to download the software, activate their remote filing cabinet and create search indexes on their own. However, when you have questions that we do not cover with our FAQ's or training aides, answers are available via support.scan2us.com. Questions are answered quickly, certainly within 24 hours. We also have support Blog, where you can ask other users for advise. Our bloggers can be a lot of help with implementing a workable digital scanning system.

    Personal Trainer: Some folks just want a helping hand. Someone available during business hours to answer a quick phone question or provide advice or a special service. Our personal trainers are just right for you. Personal Training is available in 10 hour blocks at the rate of $60.00/hr. A statement of your Personal Training account useage and balance is emailed to you after each call.

    Support Desk: Register with our Support department, chat with us on line, submit a service ticket and get quick responses to questions. Download new versions and updates and scroll through our Knowledgebase.

    Ask Us: As Us is available during regular business hours, Monday - Friday EDT. However, even on weekends, we will attempt to respond to any question quickly.

    On-line Helps: Use our exhaustive Helps to answer all your system questions.